Scratches? Swirls? Dull Paint? Bird Etchings? This is the package for you.
Designed to completely rejuvenate your vehicle, eliminate scratches and swirls and restore gloss and clarity. A far cheaper alternative to respraying and also great for just purchased or soon to be sold vehicles. to increase desire and value at the same time.

Completed Within One Full Day

Full Pre-wash With Citrus Degreaser

 Ceramic Snow Foam Bathe

2 Bucket Method Wash Using Ceramic Shampoo

Any Previous Waxes Are Stripped From Paintwork

Vehicle is Clay Barred to Clear The Pores Of The Clear Coat Ready For Correction

Bodywork Is Iron Decontaminated

Paintwork Receives a One Stage Paint Correction 

(Scratches, Swirls, Bird Etchings Etc. Are Removed At This Point)

Paintwork Now Receives A Full Machine Polish

(Gloss, Clarity, Reflection & The Depth Of The Colour Is Restored

Paintwork Is Now Protected With A Ceramic/Graphene Wax For Insane Results!