Ceramic Coating Packages


In order to achieve the perfect result for ceramic coatings to adhere too, All contamination is removed to clear the pores of the clear coat using iron fallout remover followed by a clay bar. This guarantees that the paintwork is completely clear and ready for paint correction. This is followed up by the entire vehicle receiving multiple passes with various compounds to restore clarity to the paintwork and remove over 95% of paint scratches and swirls... This can take a while! Once satisfied with the result, it is now time to polish the paintwork which will deepen the gloss of the paintwork and bring the paintwork back to showroom ready condition! 

Once the paintwork is ready....then and only then is it time to apply the ceramic coating! This will protect all the hard work underneath it for anywhere between 2 and 4 years depending on how it is maintained. Once the coating has cured, you will see huge improvements in the depth of the colour, the gloss enhancements, the pure pop of the paintwork and most importantly...huge hydrophobic properties!


The paintwork is now protected and ready for you to enjoy! Dirt repels easier, water will sheet off the paintwork and bird droppings etc. will struggle to adhere to the paint because of your ceramic coating! This is the ultimate treat for your car and can take up to 3 days (even longer in some circumstances) to complete so please send me a message with your requirements for a quotation!